Kelly Lynn is known in the world by her profession of being a vocalist. She has worked as a backup as well as a lead recorder for many established projects.

Personal Life

According to her biography, Kelly Lynn took birth on the date 28th September 1989, with her origins belonging to the community of Coram, which is situated in the United States, making her an American national, by birth. Her childhood and education have been kept under wraps as there is no trace about her high-school and college years.

Kelly has always been into singing since she was a child and she learned to play piano in her teenage as it always made her feel passionate about music. She is currently married to the very famous singer, Chris Janson, who is also a songwriter. They met each other a few years before they actually got married.

After dating Chris, she decided to marry him when he proposed to her in the year 2010.They both are living a peaceful life together and they both seem to be happy sharing their life together with their two kids, Georgia Janson and Bo Janson.

Kelly keeps her professional life away from her personal life in a very efficient manner as there are no rumours about her romantic involvements before she was married or any affairs after marriage. She is a regular user of social media and she keeps making her presence on Instagram and Twitter but she stays away from Facebook.


Kelly Lynn began her career in singing at a very early age when she performed and recorded her first ever song as a lead recorder, named “I believe”. At the age of 12, the vocalist received immense fame when her song hit the top and it was played and heard on over 60 different Christianity related radio stations spread all over the country.

After that, she received the opportunity to work along with some of titans of the music industry who were extremely famous for their talent and intellect like Louise Ryan (vocal coach at the Church of Charlotte), Paul Weston (music composer in UK), Nigel Jenkins (guitarist) and Ted Perlman (along with Whitney Houston).

Lynn learned a great deal from these personalities which made her learn a great deal regarding her career in music. She has appeared as a guest star at the show named “Backstage” which was presented by the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The shows world-wide religious popularity resulted in it being aired in about more than 100 countries covering more than 100 million houses. It was also aired on the radio network of EWTN.

She is also acclaimed for her role as a vocalist in 3 of the Walt Disney Productions which in include: “Disney Girlz Rock Karaoke” (the CD launched in 2007), “101 Dalmations” (CD package launched in 2008) and the soundtrack of “Sleeping Beauty and Friends. The most noticeable work in Lynn’s career as a vocalist is the one where she played the voice of the character Veronica Lodge for the “Betty and Veronica” production of the music group “The Archies”, in 2008. Her most recent work includes her new single in the genre of contemporary Christian, named Seasons, which was launched in 2014. Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be around 800 thousand American dollars.

Last Modified: 09 Mar, 2018

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