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Kelly Evans was born on July 17, 1985 in Lexington, Virginia, in a middle class family and she has a Caucasian ethnic background. She was a smart child, but she was also into sports professionally. She earned eight letters in cross country, lacrosse and track.

She is an American journalist and she currently works on the business news channel CNBC, where she is co-anchor of Closing Bell. Between May 2012 and May 2013, she was based in CNBC headquarters located in London, England and since then she is based in the CNBC New Jersey headquarters. Before working for CNBC, Kellyused to work at The Wall Street Journal, where her role was that ofan economics reporter.She also had typical appearanceson various TV news programs.

Personal life

As far as it is known, Kelly Evans is not married and as soon as she never have had a husband, she is neither undergone through a divorce. She is not opened in what regards her personal life, so that there are not any information or rumors regarding her status. It is not known whether she even has a boyfriend or not, and there are not any rumors to talk about her personal life.

Being given the fact that there are not any information, nor rumors regarding her relationship status, it is believed that Kelly Evans is single. Although many would believe that she has a secret husband, there are not any evidences to prove this information, so it can only be said that her status is most likely single, or at least unmarried. Keeping her personal life away from the media is a good choice for such a smart and beautiful woman who wants to have a successful career in her domain. Although many personalities tend to show off their personal life, some of them choose to keep their family life secret and it is to appreciate those people who choose not to show off their personal life. This is also the case of Kelly Evans, who keeps her personal life away from the eyes of others, which results in people not having any rumors to discuss about her. This can also help her in her career, as she is a television person, so bad rumors about her life could just ruin her career.

Other information

A thing is for sure about Kelly Evans: she is beautiful, smart and has an athletic body. Her gorgeous body is said to be the result of her university and college years, when she was a reputed and star sportswoman. She played as co-captain of the women’s lacrosse team. She can now be followed on Twitter, where she has many fans. She has a fan group created for her on Twitter, too, which her fans created to post photos and videos of her. However, she stated before that she feels pretty uncomfortable about having publicity made for her. Kelly Evans is also member of the national leadership society known as Omicron Delta Kappa. On this society’s website, she has an article published, called “Kelly Evans ’07: How to Succeed in Television”.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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