Kellin Quinn is a well known rock musician who hails from the country of the United States of America. Kellin Quinn is a keyboarder, a clean singer and additionally serves as a songwriter. Kellin Quinn is associated with the band Sleeping with Sirens, which is from the city of Orlando, located in the state of Florida.

Personal Life

Kellin Quinn got married in the year 2013, in the month of April. Kellin Quinn has a daughter who is named Copeland and she was born in the month of May in the year 2012. It was in the year 2012 itself, on the 28th of November that various newspapers carried reports about Kellin Quinn’s death due to an accident.

While one of the magazines had printed that his death was due to a fatal injury which he picked up while jet skiing close to the Turks and Caicos Islands, another magazine attributed his death to a car accident inbetween Morristown and Roswell, on Route 80. Later Kellin Quinn himself, trashed all the reports of his death via his twitter account.

Kellin Quinn is also a known philanthropist, he even communicated with a terminally ill fan of his who had expressed her desire to meet him in person, however he couldn’t do so as he was preparing for a small European tour along with his band, instead the two communicated using a video call on Skype.


Before being associated with Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn was part of bands such as Closer to Closure, For All We Know, Screenplay and Our Name in City Lights. In the year 2007, Kellin Quinn recorded “We’re About to Change” with the band For All We Know. Apart from his singing career, Kellin Quinn also owns a clothing brand which is christened Anthem Made. Anthony Green, who was part of the band Circa Survive is often compared to Kellin Quinn, due to the similarity in their vocals.

In the year 2009, Kellin Quinn became a part of the band Sleeping with Sirens, which is from the city of Orlando, located in the state of Florida. It was mainly attributed to the departure of the lead singer Brian Calzini in the very same year itself. Kellin Quinn became a part of the band and recorded four albums, an EP and a live album and extensively toured with the band across three to four continents.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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