Kathy Leutner is American model and she is well known to be the featured model of Sports Illustrated for its Swimsuit Edition. She also got more attention when she started to date Sidney Crosby, a NHL star. She was born in the year 1987, in Virginia State. She started to model at the age of 18 years. She started in a simple store but ended up as one of super model. Like a model, she did appear at the Fitness magazine cover many times. Besides appearing on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, she was also working at Abercrombie & Fitch. She is a fan of Eagle Club based in Philadelphia.

Kathy Leutner is dating Sidney Crosby but they like to keep most information about their life private and this is why some even say that they may have separated. However, this was not true since they were spotted kissing at one Event of Sidney. This is when he won a Conn Smythe Trophy for the playoff of MVP. These two are sincere and also loyal to one another and their fans are waiting to hear if they are getting married soon.

The model is 5 feet with 8 inches and she had appeared on many magazine covers especially the fitness magazine. Her body figure is 34-25-36 which had led to her successful career. Kathy Leutner is believed to earn enough money and his boyfriend is also known as one of the best hockey players. His has a net worth of 45 million dollars. He has a house in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and US.

When it comes to her biography, Kathy Leutner had managed to be a successful model and also to stay away of the spotlight. Sidney and Kathy may be engaged or even married but there is no information about it and none from his or her family that came out to give any information.

Even if Kathy is yet to be married, she is not the only girl who had fallen for a Canadian Hockey player. Hillary Duff was married to Younger before their divorce and they even have a son together. Ashely Leggat got married to Jeremy Williams, another Hockey star, while Elisa Cuthbert got married to Dion Phaneuf.

Because of her talent with her appearance, she is making enough money and her income is rising greatly. However, the exact amount of how much she makes is not known. Since she keeps her life private, she is not involved into too much controversies or rumors. She is a straight person and she does things that concern herself only. Sidney Crosby, the man that Kathy Leutner is dating, is a public figure but he also managed to keep himself away of the public. Having been in relationship for more than 8 years now, the two had never been involved into other relations.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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