Kathryn Eickstaedt, born on 16th October 1964 at Wisconsin, U.S., is an American TV personality. She has been a former model, too. As a television star, she is especially famous for playing as Lola in a show entitled “Married with Children”. Currently, her role in the famous television show “The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” has made her an important personality in the society. She also acted in “The Real House Wives of San Diego”.

Personal Life

Kathryn has an American nationality, and she belongs to North American ethnicity. People at large are curious about a celebrity’s early life, but no such information is available about her on record. Thus, little is known about her childhood days. Also, no information is on record about her academic achievements and education as to which school or university did she attend. However, she possesses blue eyes and blonde hair. No other details about her body measurement are available.

She has married Donnie Edwards who is a football linebacker of America on 14th June 2002. They are merrily spending their married life together ever after. There is no rumour or news about any acrimony between them. They are spending time as lovebirds, and there is a strong bonding between the two. Earlier, Kathryn had married another man named Marcus Allen who had been a football player of the USA. She married Marcus on 26th June 1993, and the marriage lasted for over six years. She divorced him in 2001.

She, as a celebrity, avoids controversies and rumours, and concentrates on the career she is pursuing. Currently, she is not afflicted with any controversies around her personal or professional life. She is deeply dedicated to her profession, and leads a happy married life.


Kathryn has been active since 1987 when she first appeared on television screen as Lola in the show “Married with Children”. She appeared in season 2 of the show as an instructor in aerobics. She also played host to a local television show. After that, her next appearance was in a show entitled “The Real House Wives of San Diego” in 2010. She worked hard to augment her career, and as a result, she got an opportunity to act in another TV show named “The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” in 2014. She acted in season 6 of the show. The show depicts the life and style of housewives residing at the Beverly Hills. His acting in the show was much appreciated, and she got name and fame as well as a boost in her career. She is now-a-days famous for her role in this show. She has also been a model, and has acted in several ads and commercials. She has been a successful former model, too.

She is presently active on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, she has over 29.9k followers, and on Instagram 37k. She has garnered large fortune in her long career, and as per her biography, her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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