Quick facts
Birth date 26 Jul, 1983
Age 36 yrs
Occupations Journalist
News presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Indiana
Education George Washington University
Gender Female
Description American journalist · TV-News anchor · Event presenter · Author
Spouse Michael David Gershenson

Kate Bolduan is a star reporter at CNN, for a morning show. She is a co-host along with Michael Pereira and Chris Cuomo. She even reports on the congressional events, legislative process and other events as a member of the Capitol Hill unit of CNN. She is the youngest co-host of any network morning show.

Her father and mother were medical professionals and she has three siblings. She graduated from the George Washington College, in Journalism. She married Michael David Gershenson and lives in Washington. Bolduan got converted to Judaism, prior to her marriage.

Her career began when she joined NBC News and MSNBC in Washington. She was then assigned as the general assignment reporter in WTVD TV. She started her career at CNN when she was 24 years old and was later made the congressional correspondent and co-anchor of ‘The situation room with the Wolf Blitzer’ show.

Michael David Gershenson is a real estate expert in an investment firm called Carlyle Group. His investments are worth 2 billion dollars. Till date, the couple is living in Washington. However, Kate has to move to New York, for her new posting. There is no news from the sources as to whether Michael will be moving with her or whether they will be living, at separate places.

Kate was not divorced before and her current marriage life is going smooth, without any turn, for a divorce. She has no affair or secret boyfriend, as per sources. The only controversy in her personal life is Kate’s mother was charged with two catastrophic accidents and was arrested and sentenced, for the DUI accident. Kate Bolduan has a spotless personal and career record.

Kate’s mom was sentenced to a 12 months jail time for nearly killing a man after crashing into him with her car while drunk driving. 20 years earlier, she was charged with reckless driving and killing of a nine year old girl and injuring a 10 year old kid. She had to pay penalty of one million dollars, to the affected family.

During her career with Newsource, she covered the 2008 presidential election, Minneapolis bridge collapse O J Simpson armed robbery case and NASA launches. Her wide range story coverage includes the 2009 Christmas bombing attempt, the gun rights in McDonalds, the 2009 Government stimulus plan and many others.

She was also the university’s volleyball player and a talented stage actress. She was criticized for the problems on the New Day program. Many people assured that the problem that New Day has bought is not due to Kate Bolduan’s capability. Few people say that the chemistry between Bolduan and Cuomo does not work. It is not fair to point to any of those two possibilities, just because of the chemistry mismatch. Many argue that she is not the reason for the rigidly predictable dull format. Many internet pages consider her, as an able anchor and it takes two for a tango and the chemistry is something beyond her locus of control.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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