Julie Mills is the Group director at FD Center. She is a wife of the founder and she oversees the development of the office with the secretarial function in the business. There are now over 10 years. Her career did start in the secretarial area and then worked in secretarial work. She become a stay home mum for his children and after bringing them up, she went back to the workplace and this is when she started to ran a small business that turned successful. This was before he joined Colin on FD Centre. She had a vision that such a small sized business, may require to have part time finance director. She is still in the business and she helps in keeping the office in the best shape. She is well known for the gourmet lunch she services.

From her biography, Julie Mills is married to the founder of the Colin Mills and he is the former chief executive for PLC and Multinational companies. The FD Center in UK, it is the first one to be launched in the country and the concept started in the year 2001. It is the first business which provided the part time CFO Service in the city of UK.she has no divorce record.

The concept of the business, at the beginning, was to offer the right skills to the chief financial officers who are working in big corporation and also for medium and small sized companies. This allowed small organizations to enjoy the experience of the Chief Financial Officer and they do not have to pay so that they may hire a full time person.

The concept of having a part time CFO become interesting to many people and it grow up to reach to the national scale. For over 15 years, the company has now become the best provider and largest company where companies can find part-time service of Chief Financial officers.

If a client starts to deal with CFO, you will be able to learn how he can manage the cash flow to achieve the success to the business. When he is able to get it right, then employees, creditors and shareholders’ become happy. If the client gets it wrong, then the entire business will have problems. The cash flow problem may even impact large companies, when they are experiencing the rapid growth.

CFO helps the business to cut the cost which impact the bottom line compared to the revenue raising efforts. The business can be able to put a freeze over the bonus and overtime payment or the business could pay on the overtime payment and bonuses. The business can also reduce the employees’ number through redundancy and attrition. It is also possible for the business to approach the creditors in order to ask to get good payment term. The business learns also how to do credit check before taking up the new clients.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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