Julie Chen was born in the year 1970. She is a producer at CBS, a news anchor and a television personality of American citizenship. She had hosted the Big Brother from the time it started. She is a long living host for this show. She is a moderator and a co-host for the CBS Daytime show called The Talk, before she co-anchored the Early Show at CBS.

According to her biography, her parents are immigrants from China and she was born in the city of Queens in New York City. The grandfather called Lou Gaw Tong, was too poor in the city of Penglai in Fujian Province of China. However, he was able to be too wealthy after opening up a grocery stores and afterwards, he decided to become a polygamist. He had nine wives and 11 children. Julie was born with two sisters, Victoria and Gladys. She went to junior school at Whitestone and graduated at St Francis Preparatory School. She went to University of Southern California and then graduated in the year 1991. She majored in English and broadcast journalism.

She started to work as intern of CBS Morning News together with Andy Cohen. She became the anchor of the same series after 10 years. She was copying faxes and answering the phones as intern. After a year, when she was still a student, she was worked at NewsOne of ABC. She was desk assistant. She is a moderator of The Talk, which is a version of The View, but it is not too politicized. Other people who appear at the show are Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Eve.

After graduating at USC, she got a job of working like a news assistant of ABC News in the city of Los Angeles in California. In the year 1991, she met with a Gary Donahue who was a news editor and a long time boyfriend. Leslie Moonves who is the chief executive officer and a president at CBS Television, started to date Julie Chen when she was still married to his ex wife called Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves. The wife asked for a divorce but it was not guaranteed at once.

After the divorce, Julie Chen and Moonves got married during a private ceremony and only family and friends were allowed to attend. The marriage took place in Acapulco in Mexico. They have a son called Charlie Moonves. When talking during The Talk, in its fourth season, Chen said that she had to undergo blepharoplasty when she started her career because of the pressure of the news director and her agent. Taking such decision, caused problem in her family but now she had to live with it. She does not regret the decision. Even if she speaks the Mandarin Chinese, she is not fluent. When her son was born, it brought back her to her Chinese roots. She is a yogini.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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