Judith Light was born in the year 1949 and she is a producer and American actress. She made the professional debut in the year 1970 and it was before going at Broadway where she produced A Doll’s House. She had a breakthrough role at One Life to Live in ABC daytime soap opera.

From her biography, Judith Light was born in the family of Jewish and it was in the Trenton of New Jersey. She is a daughter to Pearl Sue who was born as Hollander and she was a model and accountant. Judith attended high school until 1966. It was at St Mary’s Hall-Doane Academy in Burlington of New Jersey. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and got a drama degree. After graduation, she worked on stage and made the debut in the Richard III. It was at California Shakespeare Festival in the year 1970.

At Broadway, she made the debut at a Doll’s House in the year 1975. The other star was Herzl. She did act for many companies included Seattle Repertory Theater and Milwaukee Repertory Theater. In the 1970s, she went through some crisis and failed to get any role. She was ready to stop acting. Afterwards, she got a call of auctioning at One Life to Live. Since she did not want to be in the Sitcom or soap opera, she did not like the idea until they told her that the pay will be 350 dollars every day. While attending the audition, she found out that the format is capable to reach many people and she has a chance of making a difference and money at once.

She was given Karen Wolek’s role which was played by Julia Duffy and Kathryn Breech before. It was a role, where she became prostitute and an alcoholic because she was bored of being a housewife. Her acting capacity helped the show to get enough acclaim and it was one of the reasons it got high rating

Light won a second Emmy in the year 1981 and it was when she appeared in the St Elsewhere. It was in the first season and it was called Dog Day hospital and she was the housewife who got pregnant at the ninth times but the husband was saying that he did get vasectomy. However, she taught that the husband had a botched job and took the operating room hostage, in the end it was found out that the husband had no operation done on him.

Judith Light is a married woman and she got married in the year 1985. Even if they had married for this long time, they do not live in the same area, one if living in California and her in New York City. They met where they were on the set of One Life To Live. The husband decided to live in California because it is sunny there.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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