Personal life

Jorja Fox was born in New York City to her Irish parents. She has not mentioned her date of birth in her biography. Her parents Marilyn Fox and Edward later settled in Melbourne Beach where Fox has spent her teenage years. Fox grew up with her elder brother Jeff. They shared a very good bond with each other and her brother has always supported her in her life. As a child, Fox was overweight and her teeth was also not set properly. The actress was subjected to many criticisms during her teenage years due to her looks and figure.

Fox’s family was so supportive that when she was in her 20’s she had developed a completely different mindset. She did not care about what people think about her and only valued her personal opinion. Fox went to the Melbourne High School to receive her education and after that, she stepped into the modelling industry. After winning a contest in her hometown, she showed her interest towards drama. Fox went to the Lee Strasberg Institute to take drama lessons from William Hickey.


Jorja Fox was initially interested in drama and theatres which gave rise to her interest of becoming an actress. She began her television career with some minor roles. She was also seen in a supporting role in the series Law & Order. Fox was first seen in a major role in the television drama series ER where she played the character of a doctor.

She was also seen in many crime series which further added to her fame. Besides acting, Fox also takes a lot of interest in activism and politics. The actress works with several social organizations and also supports Human Rights Campaign. Fox’s successful career has also fetched her several nominations and awards.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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