Quick facts
Birth date 28 Apr, 1978
Age 41 yrs
Occupations Television actor
Interior designer
Citizenship Canada
Birth place Vancouver
Education Thomas Haney Secondary School
University of Calgary
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Gender Male
Description Canadian television personality

Jonathan Silver Scott who’s name at birth was John Ian Scott was born on the 28th of April in the year of 1978 and is an illusionist, a contractor and a television personality and also a producer for television and film. He has also gained an enormous amount of fame for co hosting a show alongside his twin brother Drew in the TV series known as the property brothers and also the spin offs on the same topic including Brothers at home, Brother vs Brother and Buying and Selling.

Personal Life

John and his twin brother Drew were born in Vancouver in British Columbia in the peaceful nation of Canada. John’s parents are father James Scott and his mother are Joanne Scott. John’s father James wanted to become a cowboy ever since he was a child and moved from Scotland to Canada to bring his dreams to reality. He was employed in the fil industry as a stuntman, an actor and an assistant to various prominent directors in the 70s.

He then decides to concentrate his time in raising and looking after his family and moved to a farm house. James was employed as a counsellor to young children and his wife Joanne was a paralegal in Vancouver. The family had a homebrew business named JAM and the twins would make nylon wrapper hangers for clothes and made sales in thousands including to customers in America and as far as Japan.


John worked as a child clown working for 100 dollars an hour and eventually shifted his focus to magic tricks. He took up professional classes in magic trade and studied the coveted Tarbell Course in Magic and was trained under professional illusionist of the likes of Shawn Farquhar and David Wilson who eventually went on to become his mentors and dearest of friends.

He further went on to join the famous Vancouver Circle of Magic and then International Brotherhood for Magicians and secured a lot of appreciation and accolades in the following years. He won the 3rd rank as a performer of Pacific Coast Association at a ripe age of 16.

James and his brother Drew would work at various properties in their community wherein they would repair barns, decks and fences. John went to Alberta with his father to build a house for the family home. He took up his stage name of Jonathan Silver shortly after that stint and returned home in vacations during his college break to assist his father in the construction.

John is a graduate of the famed University of Calgary and has earned himself a degree in Business Management. The decision to gain an educational qualification was due to the fact that the twin brothers did not want to be a pair of starving artists. They are both in the real estate business which happens to be their primary source of income and which helps them support, sustain and promote their hobby of arts. The duo has also had short stints as being hosts on various radio shows.

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