Jonathan Ryan Pardi was born on May 20, 1985 in Dixon, California. The 32 year-old is well known as a song writer and country singer. Pardi discovered and focused on his love for country music early in life. The Karaoke machine owned by her grandmother should not miss in any biography on Jon Pardi. The renowned country singer started playing his guitar even before he was seven years old. At this time, he was leaning on traditional music styles in the same genre. The fact that he discovered his passion at such an early age, it was all Jon wanted to do, country music.

Early Life

Jon is discreet about his childhood and personal life in general. Mastering the guitar at an early age is all that is known. By the time he was 14, he had written a number of songs on his own and ready to join a band. He furthered his passion in music in high school when he met Chase McGrew. The two attended the same college, Butte Junior College in Chico. Jon is exclusive about his parents and siblings if any.


Jon was lucky to have identified his talent and passion at an early age. His career as a country singer and song writer began probably in kindergarten. George Strait and George Jones were his favorite artists because it was the only music she could relate to her grandmother’s Karaoke.

Jon’s first song was on his father’s 30th birthday, when he was only seven years old. This was astonishing to most people except the parents and grandmother who were used to his music enthusiasm and love for the guitar. He started writing his own songs at 12 years, and by fourteen years, Jon was part of a popular band in his hometown.

After they joined college, the duo talent was discovered and he got an opportunity to play with Northern Comfort, a band in Chico. From childhood, Jon had been dreaming of going to Nashville, which is popular for country music. At 23, he was able to relocate to the town thus fulfilling a significant part of his long term dream. His success did not come on a silver platter. In fact, he attributes it to hard work and persistence. When he landed in Nashville, he had sustained his daily needs by working as a life guard before breaking through in the industry.

While in Nashville he developed song writing skills that is a basis of his success. Soon after mastering song writing, he landed a publishing deal that changed his life to date. According to Jon, he owes his career to Nashville. A place he terms as the music city.

Personal Life

Jon Pardi’s life is unknown. His marital status remains a mystery to many. According to some, Jon secretly got married. However, Jon Pardi is in the middle of controversies concerning his relationship. He has not responded to claims of him being gay. Amidst all the controversy, the country star says he wants a loving wife for a lifetime commitment without possibility of divorce.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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