Quick facts
Birth date 28 Dec, 1978
Age 41 yrs
Occupations Singer-songwriter
Television actor
Film actor
Record producer
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Springfield
Residence Beverly Hills
Education University of Pennsylvania
Gender Male
Description American singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and philanthropist
Spouse Chrissy Teigen[ M. 2013]

Born in the year 1978 on the 28th of December, John Legend happens to be an actor, a songwriter and a singer from the United States of America.

Personal Life

John Legend was born in the city of Springfield in the state of Ohio on the 28th of December in the year of 1978. He happens to be one among four other children born to mother Phyllis Elaine Lloyd who worked as a seamstress and father Ronald Lamar Stephens who worked at the factory of International Harvester. John had been schooled at home by his mother Phyllis throughout his childhood. At a very young age of four, John made his fist performance at the local church choir.

John started playing piano at a ripe age of 7. Then further when John was 12 years old, John attended the Springfield North High School, where he completed his graduation with salutations by his class after a period of 4 years.

It has been rumored that John was offered an admission to the University of Georgetown and also the Morehouse College. He then went on to attend the famous University of Pennsylvania where John studied English with a special amount of emphasis on the literature of the American and African style.

While John was still in his college days, John was the president and a musical director of the coed jazz and also made a pop group called the Counterparts. John gave his voice as the lead vocal for Joan Osbourne’s hit single “One of Us” which achieved a lot of acclaim from the critics which helped launch the band a track record cd called the Best of Collegiate a Cappella CD. John had also been a senior associate for the Sphinx Senior City and the Onyx Senior Honor Society while he was still an undergraduate at the University of Penn.


During that period, John had started conducting various shows in the areas of Philadelphia and further went on to expend his audience around Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston and New York. HE then graduated. From his college in the year of 1999 and then began recording, producing and also singing his own music. He then began working for the demo and then started sending his work to many popular record labels. In the year of 2001, Devo Springsteen introduced John to Kanye West who was earning a lot of fame for his work in the field of hip hop and rap.

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