An actor and a producer of American origin, John Cusack is popular for his acting roles in Hollywod since the 80s which include various famous movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, The Raven, High Fidelity and many other films. In the year of 2000, John Cusack had earned a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for the best actor in the Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for his mind-blowing performance in the movie High Fidelity.

Personal Life

Born in the year of 1966 in the state of Illinois at Evanston in the United States of America, John has a total of 4 siblings. John’s mother was a teacher by profession and a political activist by the name of Ann Paula while his father was an actor himself named Richard Cusack.

John Cusack attended the High School named Evanston Township in the year of 1984. He later went on to h\join the famous University of New York wherein he could not manage his studies and decided to drop out of college after a period of 1 year.


John Cusack began his career in acting in the year of 1983 in the movie called Class in which he portrayed a character of Roscoe Mibaum. After a period of 1 year, John landed two movie, Grandview USA and Sixteen Candles in the year of 1984.

In the following years, John made appearances in many films which include The Player, Eight Men Out, Hot Pursuit, Stand by Me and many others. He then got recognized for his superior acting skills in the movies called High Fidelity in the year of 2000. HE then went on to appear in various blockbusters including The Contract, 1408, and the famous apocalypse movie, 2012.

Further in the year of 2012, John made an appearance in various movies including The Raven which became an extremely famous movie which followed by 2 other movies including The Factory and The Paperboy. In the recent years, John Cusack made appearances in three films including Singularity, Blood Money and Arsenal in the year of 2017. John Cusack has also made appearances in various television series including Doll & EM, The Jack Bull and Fraiser.

It is speculated that John has a personal net worth of over 50 million US dollars. John Cusack has up to now won the Chicago Award by the film critics association for the Most Promising actor category. John has also achieved the Canadian Screen awards in the year of 2014.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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