John Connelly is an American and also a high school teacher in New York. He is the guitarist and a vocalist for Nuclear Assault, a thrash metal band in New York City.

He started his career with Anthrax, which is a thrash metal band and became a close friend to Danny Liker, a bassist of Anthrax. He then formed Nuclear Assault in the year 1983. Connelly became the special vocal guest in the album called NYC band known as Ludichrist and it was known the Immaculate Deception. He also wrote about Goodbye Freedom, Hello Mom for an album with the name Here Comes Trouble.

He stopped to sing in Nuclear Assault and started the solo career where he played the songs that at a certain level were like these of the Nuclear Assault, but they were different in terms of timid adventurism, rock oriented and timid adventurism. He released the solo project that he named John Conelly’s Theory.

From his biography, John went to New London in Connecticut. It is the time when they have just released the song Something Wicked with Nuclear Assault. He then started the solo project which combines the songs in the solo project with the Nuclear Assault. The band was concentrating on their own job and they were also ready to release the new material. The band recruited the area musicians such as Tom Mynard who was a drummer, Tony O’ Brien who was a bass and Patrick Vitagliano who was a lead guitar. The new materials were more about the heavy guitar music which combined the elements from the speed metal, thrash and punk with some level of blues. The common songs that were included into the setlist include Aggressive and L.H.A, John Connelly Theory, Another Violent End, 7/8 solution and Behind Glass Walls. Patrick had to leave the group so that he can concentrate more on the lighting and sound company. Tom Maynard had to recruit a new local musician called Chris Boix and he was the lead guitar.

200-2002: this is the time he started the Rite Bastards. The people in the group were Tony O’Brian who played the bass and backup vocals. John was a lead vocalist and played guitar. When John Connelly left this group, Jim Villano took his place. This is the time they released the songs, Oh Why, Carmen and other songs. He played the reunion with the Nuclear Assault and then started the group once again.

Nuclear Assault III: the group appeared for the reunion show for Metal Meltdown and they found out that there is a high demand for this group to go on. They were playing the classic music at NYC venue and they had a show in Massachusetts. There is no information about the private life of John Connelly, it is not clear if he is married, had a divorce or is still single.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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