Joe Rhodes, who is a well-known investment consultant and investment banker, has received much attention from the public mostly due to being a husband of Natalie Morales, a journalist and an anchor of the NBC News who hosted the “Dateline NBC” show. Due to the fact that Joe Rhodes is not a celebrity, too little information is available about his life. In particular, there are no data about where and when he was born, even though supposedly he was born in the United States (unlike his wife, Natalie Morales, who was born Taiwan and is of a Hispanic descent).


At first, Joe Rhodes studied at the Parkway West High School, where he got a formal education. After graduating from the school in 1988, Joe Rhodes began his studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was an excellent student and so he received his degree with great distinction, i.e. Magna Cum Laude. Later, Joe Rhodes also graduated from the Columbia Business School and obtained an M.B.A.

Career Experience

The career of Joe Rhodes began at the Union Bank of Switzerland, where he worked in the period between 1992 and 1995. While working at the bank, he was a specialist of the Investment Banking Division and the Mergers and Acquisitions Group. Thus, he was engaged in the work on corporate finance transactions as well as mergers and acquisitions.

1997 was one of the key moments of his career, since Joe Rhodes joined the Charterhouse then. He was a Partner of the Charterhouse Group, Inc., Charterhouse Equity Partners V., L.P., and Charterhouse Equity Partners IV, L.P. for the period as long as 11 years. During the time when he was working for the Charterhouse, Joe Rhodes had been engaged in the active maint collaboration with companies from various sectors, namely the companies in the industrial and business services, health care services, transportation, and telecommunications. Then, Joe Rhodes was in charge of monitoring the activities of the portfolio companies. In addition, he has worked in a number of banks on the position of the investment specialist or a Board Member. In particular, this list includes UBS AG, NEXT Proteins, Inc., Charter Baking Company, Inc., Amerifit Brands, United Road Services, Private Equity of Circle Peak Capital, L.L.C., and a number of others.

After all, Joe Rhodes is a Managing Partner and the Founder of the Stockton Road Capital, LLC.

Personal life

It is not known for long Joe Rhodes had been a boyfriend of Natalie Morales. Yet, their wedding took place on 22nd August in the year 1998. In 2004, Natalie Morales gave a birth to their first child, named Joseph Stockton Rhodes. The second child was born in 2008 and was named Luke Hudson Rhodes. When the wife of Joe Rhodes was in Sochi, reporting on the Olympics, he, along with the husbands of other two reporters, prepared a surprise on the St. Valentine’s Day and appeared on the screen live.

Despite such romantic performances, there were rumors about the affair of Natalie Morales with Matt Lauer, an NBC journalist. They were spotted a large number of times together and there are a lot of pictures of theirs hanging out together. The wife of Matt Lauer even filed for divorce. Strangely, however, it did not seem to bother the marital wife of Natalie Morales.

Joe Rhodes is also known for his style and the way he prefers to dress. There is also a freelancer writer, named Joe Rhodes. However, it is a completely different person. Indeed, Joe Rhodes has a page on Facebook, but it looks like a typical page of a non-celebrity person.


Last Modified: Oct 22, 2018

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