Jionni is a TV reality star and an American citizen. He got married to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. There is no doubt Jionni is a committed family man, which is rare among stars in the United States. He is renowned for dancing, wrestling, and acting. Apart from being a TV star, he owns several businesses in the United States.


He was born on March 20th, 1987 in East Hannover, New Jersey. He is among the few celebrities to share most if not all of his family and personal life. His parents are Janis LaValle and Joe LaValle. Jionni grew up with his three siblings Janelle, Joe, and James. He attended Centenary College that was a basis of his career in teaching.


Jionni demonstrated his passion in teaching high school early in life. Besides, he also gained interest in wrestling because it was a family thing. His father was a renowned wrestler in New Jersey. Unlike other success stories, Jionni had it pretty easy for him. Although he had struggles to become the popular business man he is today, he enjoyed support from his family, both financial and moral support. Nevertheless, hardwork is indispensable on Jionni’s biography. While he was committed and passionate in teaching, he was driven by growth. He wanted to do more; thus, the business venture.

Jionni Lavalle would not be famous if not for his business success, which came up pretty fast after he shifted from high school teaching. Today, he owns several ATM businesses and T-shirt Company, NJ Fatman. Besides, featuring on the 2009 MTV show attributes to his popularity. Soon after the Jersey Shore, he appeared in several other TV shows including Nicole & Shore’s Flip and Snooki & J-Woww.

Jionni’s passion for teaching is inseparable. Even after business success and rise to fame, he went back to school for degree with an objective of going back to teaching. Evidently, he is not driven by money or fame. Jionni strives for satisfaction, which he apparently finds in high school teaching.


The widely renowned gentleman got married to Snooky in 2014. The wife is also a famous reality star in the United States of America. Their marriage was only made official after the birth of their second child. Their lavishly planned wedding took place in Jionni’s hometown, East Hannover, New Jersey. Since 2012 on their engagement, there are no reported incidents of struggles within their marriage. To date, the two are in a happy and peaceful marriage with their two kids. Jionni and Snooky recently dismissed claims of their possible separation.

Jionni has a huge following on social media. He is mostly active on Instagram where he enjoys a following of 1.2 as well as in twitter with 615,000 followers. Basing on his business investments and teaching profession, Jionni has a net worth of $200k.

Besides, Jionni Lavalle is renowned for his philanthropy and humility. He participates in numerous charity activities and contributes to relating organizations. He is tagged as “humble-rich” because of his consistency in high school teaching despite fame and business success.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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