Jillian Michaels is an American businesswoman, personal trainer and a TV personality who became popular after her TV shows started getting broadcasted in NBC.

Personal Life

Jillian Michaels took birth on 18th February, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has an American nationality and a mixed (Syrian/Lebanese, Italian and Ashkenazi Jewish) ethnicity. Her parents Douglas and JoAnne got divorced when she was very young and from then on she was raised in Santa Monica where she was bullied by her classmates which made her suffer from trauma and she had a sleep disorder. She attended the California State University at Northridge and had already got a job of a personal trainer and a bartender by that time.

Jillian is a lesbian and she announced her engagement with Heidi Rhodes on 8th March 2016 however the marriage date is still not fixed. They have 2 children together, when she adopted a 2year old girl from Haiti in 2012 and Heidi gave birth to a boy in the same month. Her son is named Pheonix Michaels Rhodes and her daughter is named Lukensia Michaels Rhodes. There have been no instances of any biography written on her.


Jillian worked as an agent briefly when she was young in International Creative Management and then in 2002 she opened the sports medicine facility Sky Sport&Spa in Beverly Hills. She raised the bar for fitness by doing the job of a fitness trainer extremely well. She trained her clients a mixed training and endurance exercises including weight training, yoga, pilates, kick boxing and plyometry.

In 2012 she came out with the 90 day weight loss program known as Body Revolution. She also released a half an hour program for Good Life Gyms in Canada and certain fitness clubs in the US known as BODYSHREDS. She is also very keen to partciapte in a lot of charity work and also for PETA.

She joined hands with Giancarlo Chersich and both of them run the business together successfully known as Empowered Media, LLC. Jillian has released many DVD’s some of which are Killer Buns and Thighs, Killer Abs, Ripped in 30 and others. She was the host of a show in 2011, The Jillian Michaels show which became successful and a lot of games were introduced after that some of which are Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure, Fitness Ultimatum 2010, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 etc. In 2004, she was the original trainer at the reality show The Biggest Loser and in 2010 NBC, started Losing IT with Jillian.

She co- hosted her own show which was called The Jillian Michaels’ Show and then several other games were introduced jut after that. On 2011 CBS TV announced that she had signed a multiyear deal to become a co host of the panel discussion show The Doctors as well as to serve as a special correspondent on the CTD program, Dr.Phil. She has also written 2 books named Slim For Life and Master your Metabolism. Her net worth is of $4 milllion.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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