Jill Hannity is a famous American personality. She is well known around the United States of America as she is married to Sean Patrick Hannity, who is a famous Hollywood radio and television host and also the author of many books.

Early Life

Her real name is Jill Rhodes. She was born in the city of New Jersey in the country of United States of America. Jill Hannity was born on 3rd January 1980 and is currently 38 years of age. Her father Matthew Rhodes was an English teacher and her mother worked as a chef in a local restaurant.Her name changed to Jill Hannity after her marriage with Sean Hannity. She completed her high school from Nevada high school and completed her graduation from Harvard University.

The TV host also possesses a diploma in historical science. During her high school, she was interested in playing badminton and basketball. She was in her college badminton team. Jill also loved watching action movies. Her favourite movie was ‘the Godfather’ and her favourite actor was ‘Al Pacino’. She also loved listening to the pop music and her favourite singer was Michael Jackson. Jill has got a great height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Her ethnicity are also white and her nationality is American. She has got a great figure of 34 30 34. colour is brown and hair colour is colour is blonde.

Career Jill started her career as a political commentator in a radio channel. She worked in that channel for 3 years before getting married to Sean Patrick Hannity. After marriage, she left her job and gave all her time to her family.

Personal life

Jill and Sean met together in a radio party. Soon both were attracted to each other and started dating each other. Both were seen together a lot of times in restaurants and parties. After few years into dating, the couple got engaged. After few months, they got them. Their marriage party was a grand party where many celebrities were invited including great actors such as Prattis Pratt, Will Smith and many more.

The couple are now married together for around 16 years now. News of the couple seeking a divorce has got viral on media, as Sean was seen with many other women. Despite rumours, the couple has got 2 children, one daughter and one boy. Their daughter name is Merri Kelly Hannity and their boy name is James Hannity. Their daughter Merri is a very good tennis player and her pictures playing tennis keeps getting viral on social media.

Net worth

Her net worth is around 5.5 million dollars the which is the combined property of Sean and jill. Sean earned this property by his hosting and also writing many books.

Social media

Jill is quite famous on social media. She keeps uploading her pictures with her family. Her twitter page has got around 58000 followers. Her twitter username is @jillHannity. Her facebook page has got around 40000 followers. Her facebook username is @jilhaniInstagramnstagram page has got around 48000 followers. Her Instagram username is @jilhanity11.

Last Modified: Jun 25, 2020

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