Jessie is a pop and country singer who wanted to combine both the genre to create something unique.

Personal Life

Jessie’s birth name was Jessica Rose James Decker and she was born on 12th April 1988. Jessie sings country pop songs and also writes them. This multitalented woman was born in Italy. Her father is a military man and as a result she had the honour of visiting and living in several countries like Germany, Texas and Kentucky. John James and Sydney Rae Bass are the two siblings of Jessie.

Jessie has always been passionate about singing and showed the first sign at the age of two. She won talent content at the tender age of nine when she was residing in Louisiana. This star started taking things professionally and spend weekends in Nashville to improve her skills in song writing.


Jessie was able to proceed with her career when she met Carla Wallace who played a major role in improving her singing and song writing. James began with country record but later expanded to pop music.

In between her career, she had some pressure from her producer who wanted her to sound pop where as her main thing was country music. She got rid of all these troubles and released her debut album called Jessie James. She tried to add a bit of country and pop to it.

Like the genre, the song received mixed opinions from the audience. One song in particular stood out in the album and that was “wanted” which was number forty on Billboard Hot 100. Jessie revealed Shania Twain, Janis Joplin, Shelby Lynne and Christina Aguilera were her biggest influence when she began her singing career.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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