Quick facts
Birth date 17 Nov, 1976
Age 43 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Cleveland
Residence Los Angeles
Education University of Central Florida
Gender Female
Description American journalist

Jessica Holmes is an American television personality. Currently, she is a morning news anchor for KTLA in Los Angeles.She is a 37-year-old woman with no boyfriend or husband.

Her personal life is mostly kept from the public.There is very little information out there about her past relationships. Any current relationship status is unknown as well.Her career began on the television network Nickelodeon in the year 1999 as co-host of Slime Time Live. Her life only got better from there. However, this young woman prefers to focus on her career and leave her private life out of the media.

Once she left Nickelodeon, she went on to host another television program that sadly was not as successful as the previous one. However, this show led her to becoming a television personality on KTLA in Los Angeles. It paved the way for her career.She prefers to keep her personal life private and has done a great job at it, so far.There has been no reports of a boyfriend for Ms. Holmes. The media has been wondering if a future husband or kids is in the works. Will there be a family for Jessica Holmes in the future? While there have been many speculations, it just doesn't seem like Jessica is interested in settling down with a husband. This young woman lives her life in the spotlight and has only one thing on her mind: career.

She is one of the most-popular television personalities out there, and many men are interested in this beauty. Jessica doesn't notice any of her admirers as she is only focusing on herself. Her personal life is kept from the media. If there ever is a personal life for her, the media will definitely be the first to mention it. As of right now though, Jessica Holmes has no desire to have a boyfriend or husband. Why would she need one with her busy career? She wouldn't have time for one, to begin with. Pursuing a career in Los Angeles proved to be a good decision. People love her, and she has many secret admirers, we are certain. With all this recognition from working at KTLA, she is bound to find someone special eventually. In the future, we want to see her get married and have children. Much speculation happens about a new guy, but it is never the full truth of the situation.It seems that she has no plans to settle down anytime soon. She is enjoying her life with no worries of a relationship.

In the future, she may find the right man. Right now, Jessica is happy by focusing solely on her work as a television personality. That is okay with us as long as we still get to see her beautiful face. It’s only a matter of time before she is settled down with a family.However, she is still young and enjoying living in the moment.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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