Quick facts
Birth date 13 Jun, 1982
Age 38 yrs
Occupations Actor
Film actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place New York City
Gender Female
Description Model, dancer and actress
Imdb id Nm3809466

Jessica Caban is a well known actress and fashion model who hails from the United States of America. Jessica Caban has also been a participant on the Model Latina, and she was bestowed with the title of being the first ever champion of Model Latina. Jessica Caban is also renowned for her work on “Are You Great For Sex”, which is predominantly important in Jessica Caban’s life as it earned her many accolades. In recent times Jessica Caban’s major claim to fame is her ongoing relationship with world renowned singer, songwriter , music composer and multiple grammy winner Bruno Mars.

Personal Life

Jessica Caban was born on June 13,1982 in New York City in the United States of America. Jessica Caban’s parents are originally from Puerto Rico and despite being born in New York City her family moved to Spanish Harlem and she was raised there itself. Jessica Caban has an older sibling. According to her biography, since childhood itself, Jessica Caban has had aspirations of being famous and popular, living the life of a diva / a celebrity.

Jessica Caban also has great interests in watching films, travelling, and she is a self confessed avid reader of novels penned by the legendary novelist Stephen King. Apart from this, Jessica Caban is actively engaged in philanthropic work and describes herself to be a homely person who loves spending time with family and loved ones.

On the romantic front Jessica Caban is unmarried, and famously in a relationship with world renowned singer, songwriter , music composer and multiple grammy winner Bruno Mars. The duo have been seeing each other since the year 2011 and they have been snapped by paparazzi in some loving, fun and intimate moments too, at numerous restaurants and music tests. Additionally the two of them were spotted on Valentines’ Day at Disney Land.


On the professional front Jessica Caban is a model who also dabbles in acting at times, she is described to be good at her work, by those who are close to her. Undoubtedly so, she has the looks and features to be a model, Jessica Caban stands not too tall at 1.63 metres in height and weighs just 117 pounds. She can easily described to be stunning and gorgeous.

Jessica Caban took her first steps in her career in the year 2002 when she was selected to be a representative of J-Lo a clothing line by world renowned and popular singer Jennifer Lopez. She was the runner up of the cross nation hunt for the face of the brand, but that didn’t stop her and she eventually landed work in various commercials on television, apart from appearing in various magazines and then got her big break in the music video named “Holla” which was made by Proyecto and it did feature Jessica Caban in the lead role. It was this assignment that served as a stepping stone and she went on to be a part of Model Latina and her most famous work till date, titled “Are You Great For Sex”.

Last Modified: Jul 1, 2020

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