Jeri Lynn Ryan was born as Jery Lynn Zimmerman. She was born in the year 1968 and she is American actress who is known to play the Star Trek: Voyager where she is Borg Seven of Nine. She got nominated to the Saturn Award and got it in the year 2001. She is known for the role she had like Veronica in the Bosoton Public and she became a regular at Dark Skies. She was also a regular at Shark, a drama series. She was the guest star at Leverage where she played as Tara Cole. In the year 2011 up to 20123, she was starring as Dr Kate Murphy for the Body of Proof drama of ABC. She started to appear like Veronica Allen in Bosch Series of Amazon Prime.

Jeri Ryan was born in the city of Munich and she is a daughter to Gerhard Florian Jerry Zimmerman, he was master sergeant in United States Army. The mother was Sharon who is a social worker. She was born with a brother called Mark. While growing up, she lived in Army posts in Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland and Kansas. At the age of 11, her father retired and they settled in Kentucky, Paducah city. She did graduate at Lone Oak High School in the year 1986 and then went to Northwestern University. Here she was Alpha Phi Sorority member.

When she finished her college, she started to pursue acting full time in the city of Los Angeles. She made the acting debut in the Who’s The Boss and it followed by some guest star roles in The Sentinel, Matlock, and Melrose Place. She was also in Co-Ed Call Girl. She got her break when she was playing as Juliet Stuart an extraterrestrial investigator in Dark Series, a television series. Even if the series was canceled in just one season, it drew the attention of the people from the science fiction community.

Jeri Ryan met investment banker called Jack Ryan who also become a Republican political candidate. They were at a charity event and they decided to marry in 1991. They had a son named Alex. The two had to travel in Chicago and Los Angeles to be together and to keep up with their career. However, in the year 1999, they decided to divorce but decided that the reason behind their divorce will not be made public.

After the divorce, she started to date Brannon Braga but this relationship lasted for few years. She then dated Christophe Eme and moved together with him with his son. Together, they opened a restaurant called Ortolan and they serve French cuisine. Together with her partner, they appeared at Iron Chef America and they were challenging Masaharu Morimoto. Even with its success, the restaurant had to close in 2010. Eme and Jeri Ryan got married in the year 2007 in Loire Valley and they have a daughter together called Gisele Eme.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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