Jennifer Dempster, born in 1969 in the USA, is a television star who is famous as a cast member of the fitness show entitled “BodyShaping”. The show is presently being re-broadcast. She hosted the show on ESPN. She appeared in particularly the stretching and aerobics segments, but also participated in viewer mail and resistance training parts sparingly. She had been by far the most liked and popular actress for both the female and the male viewers. The reason for her popularity has been her impression of a next-door girl with beauty and charm.

Personal Life

Dempster has married Chris Fowler in the year 2006. Their engagement had taken place in Paris. Fowler, born in 1962, has been an actor of repute, and a science graduate. He is best known for his performances in “The Waterboy” in 1998, “ESPN College Football” in 1979, and “Wimbledon Championship”. There is no record to show that Dempster ever divorced him. Much is not known about her other personal details.


Dempster, a former cast member of the TV show “BodyShaping” started his career in acting at the age of 10 when she performed on the stage. She is 5 feet 5 inches in height, and has beauty and charm in her face. That is why; she has been the darling of both the female and male audiences of the show.

The “BodyShaping” TV serial has been an exercise and fitness show having sections of cardiovascular exercise, weight training, nutrition, and stretching. It was produced between the year 1990 and 1998. The illustrious list of its cast members include Cory Everson, Deprise Brescia, Page Langton, Keelin Curnuck, Kiana Tom, and Laurie Donnelly to name just a few besides Jennifer Dempster. As per her biography, there is nothing on record about her net worth.

Last Modified: 19 Jul, 2018

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