Quick facts
Birth date 13 Sep, 1965
Age 54 yrs
Occupations Screenwriter
Television presenter
Stand-up comedian
Television actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Springfield Township
Education Boston University
Boston University College of Communication
Gender Male
Description American stand-up comedian, insult comic, actor, director

Jeff Ross is a popular actor and comedian. He is also known for his skills as a writer. Ross is counted among the celebrities of the industry for his quirky personality and charm.

Personal life

Jeff Ross was born in the year 1965 on September 13. He grew up to his Jewish parents in Springfield, New Jersey. Ross has a sister and both of them has went to the Jonathan Dayton High School. When he was only fourteen years old, his mother passed away due to leukemia. His father had to take care of them alone. However, it was quite hectic for his father to maintain his work and household tasks at the same time so he sent them to boarding.

When Ross was only nineteen years old, his father also passed away and he had to take the responsibility on himself. Besides studies, Ross actively participated in martial arts and karate. He has secured black belt in Taekwondo at a very early age of ten years only. Later, he went to the Boston University and College of Communication to complete his graduation. While in the university, Ross was engaged in a number of social affairs and also worked for a radio station.


Jeff Ross began his career with stand up comedy shows in the year 1996 at Boston Comedy Club. Ross always targeted the popular celebrities and personalities of the industry. Ross’s personality attracted most of the audience and made him famous. He has mocked several personalities to rise in his roasting career.

Ross made his first performance on public demand in the year 2009 at WTF with Marc Maron in one of the debut episodes. He participated in Dancing with the Stars in the seventh season as a contestant. Ross moved forward with his acting career and debuted at Shorties Watchin' Shorties. He has appeared in several animated series. Later, Ross was also seen appearing in many dramatic roles in the popular television series.

Last Modified: Jun 23, 2020

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