A man who has become synonymous with Chicago, Jeff Mauro has over the years, has built quite the reputation for his wizardry with food and his passion for cuisine from the windy city. He is one of the most recognisable faces of the Food Network as he has been a host over there for many years. But how much do we about the man himself ? He is not one to talk about himself as he prefers his cooking to do the talking. That is going to change today as we get to know the man a little better. You could say that this is a biography of sorts.

The Man

The shows that he has been a host of have become huge hits on the network. This is mainly due to his personality and not to mention his expertise with food. What sets him apart from the other hosts is his sense of humour. A lot of the times with the hosts, the humour can seem a little forced and it does not really gel with how the show progresses. But in Jeff's case, it seems to flow through him naturally and the jokes always land in a very organic way. It also helps that he is immensely likeable. This coupled with his charm has made people warm up to him. After all, only this kind of a man could make an entire show about sandwiches.

The Past

Jeff's sense of humour is not something that he developed at a later age. It is a trait that has been with him since his younger days where it was a way for him to entertain his family. He is well versed in the performing arts and therefore performing in front of the camera has never been a problem for him. After graduating from Bradley University, he along with his cousin opened a deli in the city of Westmont, Illinois.

This was when he well and truly fell in love with food and the process of making it. Apart from his time at the deli, he also performed on the stage where he got to showcase his comedic skills. He finally decided to combine his two talents and try them out in Los Angeles. He also realised that to step up his culinary game, he needed to get further guidance. This came in the form of the Le Cordon Bleu culinary program which allowed Jeff to enhance his skills. Armed with an increased knowledge about the finer nuances of cooking, he returned to his hometown.

The Present

The last decade or so has been the most successful period of his life. It started with him winning the seventh season of the Food Network Star show in 2005. It was also in this year that he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Sarah. They have a son as well. You may not know a lot about them due to Jeff not wanting to say too much about his private life. His performance on Food Network Star impressed the network that they gave him his own show to host.

Since then, he has gone on to host shows such as Sandwich King and Kitchen Sink. He is very active on social media where he shows his followers various aspects of his charming personality and culinary skills.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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