Quick facts
Birth date 29 Jan, 1979
Age 41 yrs
Occupations Writer
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Brooklyn
Education Columbia University
Wagner College
Gender Female
Description American television and radio host, columnist, and author

Background and Career

Jedediah Bila was born on January 29, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She is a former high-school academic dean and she taught middle school, high school and college students for several years. She has plenty of apparitions as a guest in several television programs and in radio throughout the country. She has contributed columns to The Daily Caller, Newsmax, Human Events, The Blaze, Breitbart.com, Fox News and the Association of Mature American Citizens’ online and print newsletters. The topics she contribute cover politics, media, culture, fitness and music.

In 2011 she published her work, called “Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative”. Starting from 2013, she was hired as a contributor of Fox News and in April 2014, she became a panelist on the Outnumbered talk show.

Personal life

In what regards JedediahBila’s personal life, there are not too many facts known related to her. She has not been married before, so that she has neither undergone a divorce. She doesn’t have a husband, but she might have a boyfriend. Rumors say that she used to have many love affairs and usually she dated handsome and successful men. Usually, she has been linked to different personalities, who were claimed to date her. However, she doesn’t seem to have met yet the man that can make her happy, so that she is still unmarried.

JedediahBila is considered to be a very beautiful and attractive woman and she has many fans who enjoy listening to her and watching her on television. There are also many people following her on social media sites, where they can admire her in those few photos of her. Although many people are looking for information and photos of Jedediah on the internet, there are not too many they can find. The most accurate and complete information regarding her can be found on her official website, which only contains information about her career, but not about her personal life. Across information, people can also see her biography on her website and some photos of her, too. Also on her website, people can see what her likes and interests are.

Final notes

Although JedediahBila is a known author and television personality and she has many fans following her, she is not yet married and there are not too many things known about her personal life. However, the one thing that is known related to her personal life is that she has been involved into several love affairs, usually with important men. She is a young and beautiful woman and we can expect her to get involved into a serious love relationship soon, which can even lead to marriage. However, as far as people know, she is not yet involved in any serious relationship, as far not one that people can talk about or have information about. JedediahBila remains known for her career and not for her personal life, for the moment.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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