If you believe that age matters quite a bit in relationships, then it is but natural that you should try and have a closer look at the life of Jean Currivan-Trebek. She is married to Alex Trebek. While there is nothing very special about marriages, what makes this marriage is the age difference between the two. Jean is younger to Alex Trebek by twenty six years but that has not affected their marriage in any way whatsoever. They continue to share a very healthy and loving relationship to say the least.

Personal Life

Coming to the personal life of Jean Currivan-Trebek it would pertinent to mention that she started dating Alex since 1988. It is believed that Alex Trebek proposed to her in 1989 and it was on the 26th birthday of Jean. It certainly came as a surprise to her. Alex then was a famous and successful TV host and he proposed to her with a 16 carat sapphire ring studded with diamonds. It literally swept Jean off her feet and both of them fell madly in love with one another. Their marriage took place on April 30th 1990 and it happened at the famous L.A. Regency Towers and there were around 150 guests when the marriage took place.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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