James Daniel Scott is a greatly featured Canadian celebrity who was born on May 27, 1976 in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, British Columbia. He is about 42 years. He is a versatile multitalented guy with great show of creativity. He is also a sufficient entrepreneur and owns a finance and real estate with his two brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott. He invests greatly on his company known as ‘Scott Brothers Entertainment Production Company’.

On top of being an entrepreneur, he also produces films, is an assistant director, a celebrity impersonator, content producer and stage performer. He was once featured as an impersonator of the two celebrities, Adam Lambert and David Bowie. He has also skillfully hosted shows on HGTV, All-American Amusement Parks, and further featured on numerous radios shows that include Off Topic with the Scott Brothers. Before he had become famous, he basically performed on stage as a celebrity impersonator.

Family and Personal Life

JD Scott is a son to James ‘Jim’ Scott and Joanne Scott and an elder brother to Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. His father, Jim, was an active actor, an assistant director and a stuntman until the late 1990’s. His mother was a paralegal professional before JD had been born. Currently, JD Scott is living in Las Vegas. He is known to love the city so much that he inspires his brothers to build a vacation home within Las Vegas.

Scott is excited about tattoos and had drawn his first tattoo at his 17. He added several more in the following years that passed by. He is an active social media guy and has numerous loyal fans following him. He is active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with more than 121, 000 followers on Facebook and around 58,000 followers on Twitter and 81,200 followers on Instagram.

As a true Gemini, he lives his life with enthusiasm, charmingly and interestingly. Though he is a great personality, he chooses to live his personal life to himself and cares less about what other people say about him. He lives a very ordinary life.

Love life

Though Scott is rumored to be a gay after one of the suggestive photos he posted on social media went viral, this turned out to be an empty fable. In reality, Scott is committed to his girlfriend Annalee Belle, who is a model and makeup artist. He is not married since there is no straight record of his being in any marital relationship. Therefore, we cannot speak of divorce in his situation.

Career Life

J.D. Scott had proved to be hardworking, creative and amazing entrepreneur in his early time career. He founded YFG, a Canadian sketch comedy ensemble and has been featured on the list of Top Hundred Men of Success in 2014 because of his well-to-do business management ethics. In addition, Scott has participated in several festival films which he managed to direct some. He also used to be attached with Caesar’s Entertainment, before he had decided to start a new business venture.

Until today, Scott is managing his production company called Scott Brothers Entertainment successfully and has produced over 50 hours of top-notch digital content, increasing the popularity of the brand. He has successfully produced a fruitful list of films that includes ‘Pumpkin Wars’, done in 2012, ‘Makeover Manor’, done in 2013, ‘Brothers Big Day Off’, done in 2014, ‘Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch’, done in 2015 and ‘Brothers Take New Orleans’, done in 2016. He is net worth about $10 million without including his salary.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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