Jay Wasley is a character who has appeared as a sound mixer, director and cinematographer; he has been a famous commentator and sound mixer for Travel Channel documentaries.

Personal Life

Wasley was born in America and has grown up in New York, he was born in 1981 on 19th November in North America and is of American ethnicity and nationality. His birth name is Jason David Wasley. He has shown a lot of talent in the field of entertainment, but he is a resigned person and very private. He has not shown anything to himself and his personal life is very reserved in terms of his family and his personal life. He has dark brown hair features and brown eyes! Wesley’s sign is Scorpio and is married to a girl named Ashley.

The mixer has had a relationship with Ashley for several years until they crowned their relationship with a wedding. They met for the first time in New York at a party. Even though they are married, they have not revealed a wedding date. Jay does not want to give much information about himself although many of his fans are eager to know more about him, he is a person who is very reserved.

Wasley is active in social networks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has about 73.6 people who follow him on the Instagram and another significant number of people who follow him on Cacebook.


Jay Wasley started his personal career as a well-known mixer he loved what he did and succeeded. He started the career as mentioned above, as a sound mixer and mixed sound chasers of Chasers Wreck. Jay Wasley had been very active for a long time in his field of entertainment since 2001. Later, he joined a paranormal investigative team that enabled him to start working as a cinematographer and sound mixer director, where he participated in the Travel Channel' Ghost Adventure documentary series.

Wasley has had a very bright and very famous career as he has brought in famous soundtracks and has also worked with national commercials and big TV shows. He is also well-known as a famous talent and very interesting person. Jay has also started a Pennsylvania based company called Sun House Films, is well-known and has a lot of progress. His net worth is not known.

Jay is not a gossip person; only he was able to criticize for his famous season for 10 ghost adventure. Jay Wasley has a very famous and honored career. Before his fans, he is a man who does not speak for himself, but he really has much to say. His long career has given him many favors and he does one of the people who live in a very luxurious way.

Last Modified: Dec 3, 2018

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