Jason Reid is a senior editor and a partner at ImageLabfilms. He was also a senior editor of Discovery Channel. He is married to Joy-Ann Reid. He is an author and a political commentator. She is a national correspondent of MSNBC. She is a talented journalist but she had been able to work in her professional and personal life in a smooth way.

According to his biography, Jason Reid worked before at Universal and Peacock production and discovery communication. He attended school of the visual arts.

He has an exceptional sense of the creativity, the original style and the imagination. He is capable to take up the project of the clients from their inception to reach to the successful completion. He is skilled and a multi faceted professional who offers the extensive experience to leading companies like Discovery Communication, LLC, Peacock Production and NBC Universal. He is keen on the details and can achieve the solution to complex problems. He has ability of mastering the new and also emerging application in this industry. He has stronger interpersonal skills; he is adept to building of new relationship with the clients, suppliers and clients. He has the best communication, leadership, problem solving skills and he excels in the deadline driven environment even if they are challenging.

Jason got married to his wife in a secret affair and they did not reveal the marriage location or date. The two have three children together; they are one daughter and two sons. They are all grown up now. They are living in New York with their children. When it comes to the biography of Joy, she says that the father was not too supportive for her family and they were raised mostly by their mother. However, she died in the year 1986 and Joy became like a mother to other siblings. She says that however, the experience made them to be self reliant. However, her children did not suffer this experience since his husband is a great father.

His wife started the career in the year 1997. She was working in the consulting firm and she was the host for WSVN channel 7 for its morning show. She was also the co-host for the Wake Up South Florida in the year 2006 and 2007. She was a radio talk show presenter. Afterwards, she worked like the managing editor, the political columnist of the Miami Herald and an editor for The Reid Report political blog. She is now working like the national correspond of the MSNBC.

Joy was born as Joy-Ann M. Lomena Reid. It was in December, in 1968, in New York City, Brooklyn. She grew up in the city of Denver, in Colorado. He graduated at Harvard University and this is where she got a degree in Environmental and visual studies. She likes to box. She has not record of any divorce.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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