Jamie Colby is an American news correspondent who is the anchor of Fox News Channel and also hosts ‘Strange Inheritance’.

Personal life

Jamie Colby was born on 21st December, 1970 to Marty Colby. She studied at the International School of Business which is a part of the University of Miami. Jamie received a bachelor degree in accountancy and also a Juris Doctor degree. Jamie’s parents got a divorce when she was thirteen and as a result of that, she had to move to her grandparent’s place n Miami.

Growing up was a difficult task for Jamie as she had to do several odd jobs to earn a living. She used to work for Burger King before appearing in commercials for ‘The Sunshine Band’ and ‘KC’. Jamie married a surgeon Dr. Marc Wallack with whom she separated back in 2011. She has a son whom she takes good care of and is single currently.


Jamie Colby was always an excellent journalist. She started her journey at WNYW-TV and WPIX-TV and soon become a reporter cum anchor for CBS News. Jamie caught everybody’s attention when she joined Fox News in 2003. Her versatility was highly praised by the public as she could easily cover a wide range of agendas. Jamie covered the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the Hurricane Sandy and the South-east Asian tsunami of 2004.

Furthermore, Jamie has interviewed Madonna regarding her book titled ‘The English Rose’ and Jeb Bush, who is a former Governor of Florida. She has covered some legal issues such as the trial of Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault and Martha Stewart’s trading trial. Jamie Colby has been acknowledged with several awards for being a journalist. She has won the Gracie Allen Award, the Clarion Award and the National Edward R. Murrow Award. She has a net worth of $4 million.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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