James McAvoy is known as a Scottish actor. He is most famous for his roles in the X-Men franchise and Split.

Background and Age

James McAvoy Jr. was born on April 21, 1979 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. James has two siblings, a sister whose name is Joy and a more youthful stepbrother, Donald who is from his father's later relationship. Because of his folks' separation and the living conditions after, James has not had any relationship or contact with his father James Snr. since he was a kid.

He went to St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Jordan Hill Glasglow and Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. As a child and because of how devoted the family was to the Christian religion, James once wanted to be a minister however it never worked out for him. He worked at a bread kitchen during his school days to help the circumstances at home with his grandparents.

Career and Net Worth


James' debut presentation in acting was an appearance in the motion picture The Near Room. He conceded that at the time, he didn't have such a great amount of enthusiasm for being an actor however he before long settled on the choice to study acting. After he graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2000, he started to show up in TV shows and motion pictures. His first significant motion picture role was as a gay character.

He started to get big breaks in shows and films like Band of Brothers (2001), White Teeth (2002), Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2003), and State of Play (2003). 2005 saw McAvoy's open profile ascending higher than it had ever been when he went through working with Walt Disney on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In September 2019, the horror It: Chapter Two was released in theaters. In the film, James plays the character of Bill Denbrough.

Marriage, Wife and Kids

James met and started a relationship with Anne Duff when he was working on the motion picture Shameless. The two dated for some time before they formally got married on November 2006. Their wedding was not a major one like most big name weddings, they had a tranquil social event. The couple gave birth to a child in 2010 and named him Brendan McAvoy.

Six years after they had their child, James and Duff reported their separation. The two of them live in North London to construct their relationship as co-parents of their child. Bits of gossip speculated that James had been romantically associated with actress Emma Neilson before his marriage to Duff.

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