Famous Sports Journalist, Jaime Maggio was born about 32 years ago, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall. There is no information about the exact date of her birth, but her year of birth is believed to be in 1984. Jaime Maggio was born to American white parents, which made her to be an American. Very little is known about her early life and growth, although she grew up in Long Island. She is from Long Island and heavy with the Island’s accent. She is currently trying to do away with the accent. She grew up becoming a fan of the Yankees, but now rooting for the Angels.


The Sports Journalist went to UC Santa Barbara and moved to California when she was in the 9th grade. She went to University of California at Sanata Barbara, where she read Mass Communications and obtained a degree.


She immediately, after graduating from the University of California, got employed at Forbes Magazine. She started her journalism career in this organization as Marketing Sales Assistant in the years 2000 to 2001. She left Forbes Magazine to join FOX Sports Net in the year 2001. This famous Sports Journalist has covered many high class sporting activities in the country that are too numerous to mention. In pursuant her journalism career, she is a Correspondent on NFL Network and a Sideline Reporter for FOX. She has worked as a Sideline Reporter on Turner Basketball Broadcasts. She joined GoTV in the year 2009 Network as an On Air-Correspondent and Talent Booker. The employment last till 2011. Her rising profile of famous sport journalist eminently qualified her to be called a one-girl sports army. This is because of the knowledge gathered so far in sports reportage. It is noteworthy, to therefore say that every sports factory or manufacturer of sporting wears or kits need to get connected with her. She is well experienced in terms of corresponding, coverage, hosting or handling sporting news. She is the current News Correspondent at the NFL Network.

Personal Life

This famous and upwards mobile journalist is however in the eyes of the storm when you talk about her marital life. She has maintained a very close private life that you cannot specifically say if she is married or not. There is no information about her past marital life, if any. To this end, you cannot talk whether she is divorced or not. However, she has sex appeal such as glossy-wavy blond hair and natural appearances that can make her admirers have sleepless night. The actual net worth of this Sports Journalist is not disclosed. She has a followership of 47.6 million on her twitter account, 12.7 million on her instagram account.

Past Times

She loves travelling. When she is not reporting sporting events, she is either on a trip to Vatican City, or taking video shots in Amalfi Cost in Italy and or touring multiple islands and mainland in Greece.


She has won numerous awards which are eloquent testimonies to her proficiency in the sports journalism reportage. Notable among the awards is Regional Emmy for her work on 76ers Games. This was in Philadelphia.

Last Modified: 30 Jul, 2016

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