Jaimie King or as she has previously referred herself to as James King is an American model as well as a professional thespian. She has featured in numerous movies and also been featured on the cover of several leading fashion magazines.

Personal Life

Jaime was born in the spring season of April 23rd in 1979, to American parents Robert and Nancy king in Omaha city in the state of Nebraska. The 39-year-old has 3 siblings. According to her biography Jaime was named after a television character of the 70s show The Bionic Woman who went by the name Jaime Sommers. She attended Westside High School but dropped soon after to pursue her longtime dream of being a model.

During her formative years as an aspiring model, she had issues in her personal life, as she had an addiction for heroin and together with her then boyfriend David Sorrenti the two were heavy heroin abusers which led to the demise of the young and upcoming photographer Sorrenti. In 2005 she met Kyle Newman who would end up as her husband on the film location of the movie Fanboys.

The couple dated for a trimester before getting engaged and tied the knot in late 2007. After being together for 13 years the married couple has been blessed with 2 sons Leo Thames and James Knight. Jaime revealed in an interview dated 2014 that she had struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis which in turn made her unable to conceive. She also revealed she had lost 5 babies due to miscarriage prior to getting a successful pregnancy in 2014 of her first-born son James Knight.


As a young girl living in the uptown residential area in Omaha, Jaime attended Nancy Bounds studios a school for upcoming models and after joining high school she dropped out soon after and opted to pursue a career in modelling moving to the state of New York in 1995 after being discovered by Michael Flute who at the time was a model agent.

By the time she reached the age of 16 years she had been featured in leading fashion magazines such as Glamour, Seventeen, vogue among other notable magazines. Jaime also featured as a runway model for Dior and Chanel and made the front-page story on the photograph-based New York Times magazine.

Happy Camper was Jaime’s first casting in a film which she did in 1999 and for her work she received a nomination for being the best actress. Jaime has gone on to appear in movies such as Pearl Harbor a world war 2 romance film, Bulletproof Monk where she played a leading role, 2004s funny movie white Chicks, she also played a twin role in the graphic novel-based movie Sin City in 2005 among other notable films.

She has also made spontaneous appearances in television series such The OC and her work has also made its way into several music videos. Currently she has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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