Quick facts
Birth date 20 Jul, 1980
Age 39 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Newton
Gender Female
Description American sportscaster

There is no doubt that Jade McCarthy is perhaps the best sportscaster (or at least one of the best ones), well-known all over the country for her show hosts. It is known that she drew the first breath on 20th July in the year 1980. The place of her birth is Newton, Massachusetts, located not far from Boston. There are no facts about her family disclosed to the public. It is known, however, that she fancied riding horses for ten years.


There is no single fact in her biography about what school Jade McCarthy attended when she had been a child. Yet, she definitely obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences when she had graduated from the Mount Holyoke College, based in South Hadley, Massachusetts. There is no information about whether she studied anywhere else, but one can suppose that Jade McCarthy has obtained a degree in Journalism later.

Career Experience

Jade McCarthy had given a perfect start to her career at the WGGB-TV, a channel owned by the ABC, in her home state of Massachusetts, Springfield city. Despite the fact that she had been satisfied with her job, Jane McCarthy wanted to grow professionally further and moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where she got hired by the WAFF channel, an affiliate of the NBC Television Network.

Following Jade McCarthy’s success of anchoring sports shows there, she headed to Philadelphia and joined the WCAU channel, also affiliated with the NBC. During the long period of her work there, she had been nominated for a number awards and some of them won (including several Sports Emmy Awards). In 2010, Jade McCarthy became a part-time reporter and host of the “SportsDesk” show, broadcasted by The New England Sports Network (also known as just NESN). The show had been cancelled subsequently, and Jade McCarthy started to host another channel’s show under the title “NESN Daily.”

In the summer of 2011, the journalist left the channel due to several reasons: she needed a maternity leave and her family had to move (the husband of Jade McCarthy got a job in another city).

After giving a birth to the child and have some rest from the work, Jade McCarthy returned to the media business in the late 2011. That was the time when she got employed by the ESPN channel. Since then, Jade McCarthy has been a permanent host of the “SportsCenter”, a daily TV program of sports news. However, Jade McCarthy has never disclosed her net worth, and so it remains unavailable to the public.

Personal life

Jade McCarthy has been married to Gordan Stead for a long time, even though the date of their wedding is not known. The couple has two children: one son of theirs was born in 2011, while the second child was born very recently, in 2015. However, there is nothing else known about their children or private life. Given that there are no rumors or media scandals in their marital life, they seem to be happy and have a normal relationship. Jade McCarthy gathers her fans not only via TV but also by means of Twitter, where she has published almost 3 thousand twits and has over 20 thousand followers.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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