Jacquelyn Frazier is a wife of the New York Yankees Baseman third, Todd Frazier. She is a social media person, a socialite and a philanthropist. A native of New Jersey, Jackie was herself an athlete in her college and married the all-star Baseball player, Todd Frazier in the year 2012. The couple are now proud parents to a 6-year-old son by the name of Blake.

Personal Life

Ironically, Todd isn’t the only one in this beautiful relationship. Jacquelyn happens to be an exceptional athlete herself due to having competed in the Rutgers Gymnastics team when Todd and herself used to be in school. Although she most unfortunately missed a major part of her freshman year due to her injuries, Jacquelyn returned during her sophomore year and was awarded with the title of the Most Improved Gymnast for the year 2006 having appeared exclusively for the Scarlet Knights to be on the beam. Also, being an A grade student in her school and college days, Jacquelyn was titled the EAGLE All- Academic Team for each and every season until she graduated in the year of 2008.

It so happens that Jacquelyn isn’t the only athlete from her family. Jacquelyn has a sister, named Danielle Verdon, who also was a Rutgers squad and she graduated in the year of 2014.

The beautiful couple got to dating when both of them were athlete students at Rutgers and got engaged in 2011 on November the 18th. The proposal had been planned by Todd very much in advance, so it is nothing short of a fairy tale. The couple had been invited to go somewhere on a cruise in mid-November. The vacation was concluded with Todd proposing to Jacquelyn. When the couple were sailing away from Mexico, Todd asked Jacquelyn to take a last stroll before dinner and when they reached at the back of the ship, it was empty and that is when Todd asked her the question. There happened to be a photographer waiting right outside the dining area and the couple could capture this beautiful moment in a picture.

The couple got officially married in 2012 on December the 14th in Todd’s hometown which is at Toms River at a local Presbyterian Church. A grand reception was held the following day at The Grand Marquis. The ceremony was attended by various MLB personalities which included several of Todd’s teammate Brandon Phillips and also the Network MLB’s Harold Reynolds.

Last Modified: 24 Jun, 2018

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