Jackie Evancho full name is Jacqueline Marie Jackie Evancho. She was born in the year 2000. She is a classical crossover singer and got the fame when she was still too young in the year 2009. She had already issued the platinum Selling EP and had seven albums under her name. She had 10 debuts on Billboard 200. She has been able to release 3 solo Public Broadcasting Service or PBS concert specials.

In 2008 and in 2010, she did enter into the talent competition and she sang the US national anthem at baseball game of Pittsburgh Pirates.

From her biography, Jackie Evancho was born in the city of Pittsburgh. His father is Michael Evancho and her mother is Lisa. The father was working as videos security business man up to 2010. Her sister is called Juliet and he is a transgender. He has a younger sister called Rachel and a younger brother called Zachary. Her family is all catholic and still lives in Pittsburgh. She started her schooling at Pine Richland School District and then went to Pine Richland high school. At certain period, she was getting online schooling.

She started to sing after watching The Phantom of The Opera musical and her mother decided to buy DVD for her. She started to sing the songs while at home, however, her parents did not find out that she had unusual voice up to the time she competed for the first time. It was before she even turned 8. During the completion called Kean Idol, she became the second and started to sign at different events, took voice lessons and sung in nursing homes and churches. She began a YouTube Channel. She had the title role in Little Red Riding Hood, a school musical.

In the year 2009, she competed in Las Vegas, in the 15th Annual USA, she finished at second place. She is not married yet. Jackie Evancho has a friend in her dog called Maggie. She is also the best gifts she had received up to now. She does not like love stories movie since it makes her to cry. She does not have other celebrities as best friend and she only has two celebrities that she may call upon if she wants to get an advice. She worked like a spokesperson of Humane Society. She loves animals, mostly seals and she wants them to be protected.

Jackie Evancho works as a model and also as an actor. By now, she had already released 6 albums. She was a singer at inauguration of Donald Trump. The sales of her albums and tickets soared because of that performance. She learned how to play violin and piano. She likes horse riding, archery, drawing, swimming and sewing. She became the youngest artist who got listed on the list of Top 10 Debut Artists and she became the youngest singer who reached platinum status.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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