Jack Patrick Lewis is an American state legislator who lives in Framingham of Massachusetts. He is a democratic and he got sworn in like a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in the year 2017. After getting the nomination in the year 2016, he became the representative-elect in the following year after getting 61 percent of the votes. Besides working in the politics, Lewis also worked like executive director for OutMetro West. This is a nonprofit organization which is working with the LGBT Youth. He was assistant minister and also worked like a director for religious education for Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills.

According to his biography, Jack Patrick father was working in the manufacturer and he was a member for United Automobile Workers. The mother worked as a pre-school teacher before retiring. He grew up in the city of Seville in Ohio. Lewis did attend University of Utah and this was on the scholarship of UAW. He finished in Political science where he got honors, international studies and Middle East Studies. He was the Valedictorian for his divisional college. He wants to Eden Theological Seminary and here he got the masters in Divinity.

Lewis started the career in politics when he was still in the College. He was working like the Howard Dean organizer for the presidential campaign of 2004. He started to work like a HeadStar substitute teacher, he was an English teacher in Egypt and Ghana and he was working in the group of disable people.

After getting masters in Divinity, he worked like assistant minister. After working with his congregation for many years, he decided to step down and become a founding member of the Out MetroWest. When he was still working like executive director, he was working with around 700 teens and he was focusing more on the supportive counseling and in the community education. His work with Out MetroWest gave him the Non Profit Excellence Award honor, given by Massachusetts nonprofit network.

Jack Patrick Lewis said that he would run for the State Representative in the year 2016. He started by running for the democratic nomination at the progressive platform. He pledged to increase the minimum wage and to protect the environment. He also pledged to commit to community life and diversity. He got endorsement of many progressive organizations like United Automobile Workers, Progressive Massachusetts and MassAlliance. During the primary for Democratic, he faced Philip Jack and Brett Walker. He became the nominee of Democrats with 37 percent vote which was 3 percent higher to that of a nearest candidate.

During the general election, he had to face Yolanda Greaves. He got the support of many local leaders like Chris Walsh, a state representative, Karen Spilka, a state senator and Tom Sannicandro, a state representative. He got married to Brent Lewis and they have 3 children together. He has no divorce record.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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