If you are on the lookout for a successful women entrepreneur who combines the best of looks with personal achievements to her credit, then you have many reasons to know something more about Imogen China. When we look at the biography of Imogen, we can be sure that we will quite a bit to talk about. She is a highly successful women entrepreneur who is working as the Director of the China’s Republic of People.

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that there is nothing much known about her date or birth and other details. This perhaps could be because of the fact that she likes to keep these information a closely guarded secret. Imogen is also the wife of the famous Edd China who also has quite a few accomplishments to his credit. Let us try and uncover some more facets of the life of Imogen China with the sparse information which is available at our disposal.

Early Life

It would be pertinent to mention here that there is nothing much known about her early life. However, it is believed that she is originally from Norway. She seemingly has attended BI Norwegian Scholl Of Business. Imogen is supposed to have completed a course in Business and Economics. She is known to have begun her career by working as a relations manager for VIP customers for British Airways London Eye. Further before she joined China’s Republic of People, Imogen also has worked as Director for Grease Junkie for a period of six years and this was from 2011 to 2017.

Personal Life

Talking about the personal life there is no denying the fact that Imogen China is extremely good looking and attractive. Though there are no details about her early relationships and affairs, one thing is clear. Her marriage life is quite satisfying and fulfilling.

As mentioned earlier Imogen China is happily married to Edd China. Edd China as many of us would be aware is the famous star of Grease Junkie. Going by grapevine and other sources of information there are reasons to believe that both Imogen and Edd are leading a blissful and happy married life and the word divorce perhaps has not had too much of importance and relevance as far as their lives are concerned.

Net Worth

There is no authentic information about the net worth of Imogen but is it believed that her husband’s net worth of around $1.5 million will be hers over a period of time.


Now let us spend a few lines trying to learn something more about the career and life of Imogen China. Apart from her initial stints with British Airways London Eye, it would also be pertinent to mention that Imogen has worked as the External Relations Head for the famous Tussauds Groups and she has worked there for many years.

However, she has been able to earn name and fame because of her association with Edd China and of course because of her being the Director of China’s Republic of People. She is still very active and therefore there are many reasons to believe that she will scale newer heights as far as the career of Imogen is concerned. However, we need to also understand that she is able to manage her profession and personal life perfectly well.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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