Hila Klein is a co-host for the h3h3Productions, a YouTube channel on the comedy. She works with the husband called Ethan Klein. The game is a reaction and prank filled video that has already 5 million subscribers. Together with her husband, they have the comedy podcast channel named Ethan and Hila and they had over 500,000 subscribers in 2016. She appeared for the first time at h3h3Production channel in a video they named How to Kiss, h3h3 reaction video. She works as artist and some of her work can be found on the website under her name. She was born with the brother called Moses. The most watched videos of her websites are called The Fine Bros Rant. This video got 3 million views in one month.

h3h3Productions is sometime shortened like h3h3 or just h3. It is made by a duo of Israel born people of a wife and husband. The husband, Ethan, often calls himself Papa Bless and he appears often with her friend called Sean Balogh. The content consists of the reaction videos and the sketch comedy while they satirize internet culture. The h3 podcast was featuring live and it was being shown on Twitch.tv channel. It is about different topics and some of these topics are controversial. Ethan also interviews YouTubers and celebrities and includes a top of the week segment. This is when Ethan and Hila would comment on the events that are taking place and this involves the world and internet.

Ethan Edward Klein was born in the city of Ventura in California in 1985. His parents are Donna and Gary Klein. They were from Ashkenazi Jewish family. He attended Buena High School. He went to University of California where he did English literature. He got a creative writing’s Bachelor of Arts. The paternal grandfather is a film and a television producer called Leonard Katzman. He suffers some Tourette’s syndrome and it makes the eyebrow to twitch. He likes to talk about it in the video.

For Hila Klein’s biography, she was born in the year 1987. She grew up in Holon, Israel where she was born and her family is Sephardic Jewish. The father is of Libyan and Jewish descent and the mother is Turkish-Jewish descent. She worked as a solder with Israel Defense Forces and worked there for two years. While working, it is when she got to meet Ethan Klein, when he visited the Holocaust Museum found in Jerusalem. It was during the Birthright Israel trip. She went to Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, however she did not finish

Hila Klein and Ethan got married, in 2012. The two say that they are agnostic atheists. The first video they released together was called Girls Who Read and it was in 2013. Most of the time the videos where just projects of Hila: and it was when she was still in class and the two were living in Israel.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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