Quick facts
Birth date 4 Nov, 1975
Age 44 yrs
Occupations Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Television director
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Hinsdale
Gender Female
Description Actress

Heather Tom, an actress and a TV personality by profession, came to life on November 4th 1975. She is a Native American and was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, U.S. She was born to the parents Charles Tom and Marie; however had a troubled childhood as her parents divorced when she was very young in age. She has a brother and a sister. Her brother is also an actor by profession and has appeared with her in many of her movies and TV shows. They were both nominated for Emmy Award in the same year in the past. Heather had interest in acting since very young age and while she was studying she had started to participate in various competitions and stage shows.

Heather is known for her beautiful looks and attractive figure and has appeared on the cover of many magazines in the past as well. She had a boyfriend for 15 long years who is also her current husband. Her husband’s name is James Achor and they both got married in the year 2011 and have been staying together since then. The couple has a very strong relation and also has baby together, a son with the name Zane Alexander. Heather and James have appeared together in many public appearances and are also running a business together where they are working an interior designers and the business is quite successful as well. Heather however is often confused on internet to be a wife of the businessman Tom Sturgess.

According to her biography, Heather started her professional career after her education when she appeared in the TV show named ‘Who’s the Boss?’ in 1989. The TV show was very popular and Heather was much appreciated for her small role in the show. She raised to fame however with the TV show named ‘The Young and the Restless’ which started in 1991 and continued until 2003. The show was a major success on TV and Heather was casted in one of the Lead roles.

Because of her role in the show she got many offers from movies and TV shows. She made her movie debut in 2004 with the movie named ‘Delusion’. She later on acted in many movies like ‘Beyond the Ladies Room Door’, ‘When We're Old and Love Means Nothing’, ‘Suicide Dolls’, ‘The Putt Putt Syndrome’ and many others. She also appeared in over 15 TV shows including the popular ones like ‘One Life to Live’, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ amongst others. With her acting skills she established herself as a popular star on TV and in movies and also won many awards like Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding young actress in a TV show and Emmy Award for supporting actress. She has also been nominated multiple times for many other awards.

Heather has an estimated net worth of around $ 4 million which is projected to increase in the future as well considering her continued performances in movies and TV shows. She is also very active on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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