Heather Cox is a sports reporter currently working for the NBC. Earlier, she used to work for ESPN as well.

Personal life

Famous television reporter Heather Cox graced the earth on the 3rd of June in 1970. Initially, she was named Heather Schoeny by her parents who raised her in Jonesville, North Carolina. The intellectual Heather Cox went on to study Communications at the University of Pacific and ended up playing for the University’s volleyball team. She was so good that she got called by the national volleyball team of United States. She went on to represent her country at the Olympic Festival in the year 1990. Heather graduated in 1992 from her University.

Heather Cox, who was originally Heather Schoeny, changed her surname once she got married to her husband Bill Cox. She is blessed with two children. Heather is quite taciturn when it comes to revealing secrets about her married life. Even on her instagram handle, she generally posts pictures of her kids and work. She is a travel buff and loves to read books while she’s travelling.


Heather Cox kick-started her career by playing professional volleyball. First she represented her national team and then went on to captain the Sacramento Stars volleyball team. She is a proud recipient of the E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award which she was awarded in 2004.

Heather’s career as a reporter commenced back in 1995 with ABC Sports when she used to cover the NBA, college football and NCAA basketball games for the channel. She has also covered college football games, NCAA Volleyball games and basketball championships for the ESPN as a sideline reporter. Besides ABC and ESPN, Heather has also worked for CBS sports wherein she covered NCAA basketball tournament, auto racing and motocross.

It is easily perceptible from the biography Heather Cox that she has worked for a lot of different sports channels throughout her reporting career. Heather has also appeared on some live shows such as ‘Saturday Night College Football Game of the Week’.

She has also written a few articles on the national volleyball team. Heather returned to the NBC Sports as part of her contract and served as a beach volleyball reporter. After working twenty two years for the ESPN, Heather had finally returned to the NBC Sports. Currently, Heather Cox covers the ‘Thursday Night Football’ for NBC Sports and has a net worth of $10 million.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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