Hayes Hargrove is a comedian and an actor. He got attention and also impressed audience when he was a star in Starfish & Superfish, Beyond the Pale and Slaphappia. He got married to Kristen Wiig, however, the marriage did not last long and they asked for a divorce after 4 years of marriage. His wife is a celebrity also, bigger compared to him.

Hayes Hargrove is known to owe the audience with all the comic timing and even after the divorce. He is a successful man and he works as Orville Redenbachers’s national spokesman. He is a sketch performer at CONAN and among the works that he did recently include working at the signature show of UCB Theater called Asssscat. He was a standup comedian together with Amy Poehler in the same show. He is a busy person and he was opening for Andy Dick, Maria Bamford, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

According to his biography, some of the recent work he did include working with Chaz Bono with Tom Lenk in the Roadhouse The Musical. He is most loved standup comedian and he had shown up in many shows. He was also working with Greta Gerwig and Iggy Pop. He shared the stage together with Wendi McLandon Covey. There were some rumors about how he is a gay but it was found out that they are cunning and also baseless. He is good looking and this has been seen on many pictures that are available online. He looks hotter when he is shirtless compared to other actors.

Kristen is around 41 years old and she is a well respected actress of Hollywood. She has the height of 5 feet with 5 inches and even if she is not that tall, she has been able to achieve popularity with appreciation because of the work she did. Besides acting, she is also a producer and a comedian. She was able to impress many people in the work she did in the comedy series called Saturday Night Live. The series started in the year 2005 and it ended in the year 2012. She was born in the city of New York and she grew up there. She attended University of Arizona and this is where she completed the studies in the field of arts.

She made the acting debut in the movie The Groudnlings. It was a comedy troupe and she started the work when she was helping the troupe first. She was in the supporting roles of different movies and these include Whip It and in Paul and AdventureLand. Besides acting, she has also written a screenplay for a movie which is called Bridesmaids. The movie became successful and she got good critical reviews. She was been nominated for Emmy Awards for seven times. She is successful and her net worth is over 16 million dollars. Her life is inspiring to many people.

Last Modified: Oct 24, 2018

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