Quick facts
Birth date 13 Oct, 1965
Age 54 yrs
Occupations Television presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Atlanta
Residence New York City
Education University of California, Santa Barbara
Gender Female
Description American television newscaster

Harris Faulker is an American broadcaster for the Fox News Channel and is the co-anchor on Outnumbered. She is the winner of 6 Emmy Awards of which one is the 2004 Emmy for Best Newscaster and News Special. A renowned motivational speaker, she travels around the country giving talks at charity events, schools and universities. A mentor for many journalism students, Harris prepares them for the emotional challenges they face being part of the media world. Involved in multiple charities that are close to her heart.

Harris Faulker was born in 1965 into a military family as her father was a United States aviator in the army during Vietnam. She lived in Fort McPherson Atlanta on an army base and lived for three years in Germany with her mother while her father was on deployment. In 1969 her family returned to the states and upon completion of school Harris went on to study mass communications and business economics at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Her love for the news started from a young age. As young as seven years old she could recall watching the news every evening with her father when he was home from assignment. You would often find Harris in the kitchen giving her mom the headlines.

She started off working as a junior accountant and doing freelance writing work for the LA Weekly trying to get by on minimum wage. While working two jobs her assignments started to lead her to work on camera. It was not long and she had flourished into a news anchor which is when her life began to change.

Harris gives credit to her husband Tony Berlin whom she says gives her the flexibility and confidence to do what she loves. They met working for the same news network and are happily married ten years later. Tony runs his own media relations company from home where he can watch over their two girls whenever his wife needs to be called out to work.

Besides being a loving wife, Harris is an exceptionally loving mother of two girls, Danika (3 years old) and Bella (6 years old). She says that being called Mom is the greatest honour to her and she makes one of her primary focuses that of being able to create balance between her family and her career. The humour her children bring into her life often makes it easier to forget about the sometimes very harsh surroundings and events she has to report on.

When she is not busy spending time with her husband and daughters, Harris focuses on giving back to those who need it. She is active in helping the Veterans Associations as it is dear to her heart and jumps at the opportunity to serve at the military bases. Harris is also a large contributor and member of the American Cancer Society as well as charities that assist with Alzheimers, breast cancer and foster care. Her efforts to better the society we live in have no boundaries. One of her biggest passions is mentoring journalism students in the realities one faces in this career choice. You can even find her giving motivational talks at schools and universities around the country.

Her character is filled with a range of diverse skills that she shares with the world in whichever way that she can. She has brought comfort to millions and never lost her core values. Her family is the most important to her and she makes a point of always finding the time to be with them.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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