Guy Ramsay Ferry also popularly known as the famous Guy Fieri is an author, a game show host, a frequent restaurateur and in general a tv personality. Guy rose to an international fame when he started a chain of different restaurants in various parts of the states of California.

Personal Life

Born in the year of 1968 on the 22nd of January, Guy was born in the city of Columbus in the state of Ohio to mother Penelope Anne Price and father Lewis James Ferry. Guy spent the early years of his life in Ferndale in California itself. Guy had a younger sister named Morgan Fieri who unfortunately died due to cancer.


Ever since Guy was a young child, he showed immense interest in food and started making plans to become a very successful restaurant owner in his future. At the age of 10 years, Guy’s father Lewis made him a special cart which enabled him to ferry around and sell pretzels. Aside from this venture in which his cart was named ‘Awesome Pretzels’, Guy also washed dishes to make a nest for birds when he was studying in high school. After doing various short stints for a period of 6 years, Guy had increased his savings to the extent that he could fly over to France and enroll in a culinary course for a period of 1 year.

After this 1 year in France, Guy secured a job in a small hotel in California at Eureka where he continued to work until he began taking classes at the Nevada University based out of Las Vegas. After having earned a degree in Bachelor of Science for Hotel management in the 90’s, Guy set out to find small jobs at various local restaurants.

This varied set of skills and experiences facilitated Guy to garner enough courage to apply for a job for a manager at a restaurant at Long Beach in California. After having assumed this position for a period of 3 years, Guy went on to become the manager for the district for the Loise’s Trattoria wherein he was in charge of handling the day to day affairs of six restaurants

After having done this stint for a period of six years, Guy started his business venture with partner Steve Gruber. By the end of the year of 1996, Guy and Steve opened Johnny Garlic’s at Santa Rosa in California.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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