Greta Van Susteren was born in Appleton, Wisconsin (United States) on June 11, 1954. She is an American television news anchor. Her father was Urban Van Susteren, her mother was from Conway. 


Greta has two siblings. Her sister Lis Van Susteren is a forensic Psychiatrist in Maryland; she was also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for United States Senate. Her brother, Dirk Van Susteren, was an editor of the “Vermont Sunday Magazine”, he was also a journalist.

She loves her family and for her they are the most important thing in her life, she also has a selected group of good friends that have been there for her through all of her life.

She says that she is thankful with her work but that she does not allow that to take the time she spend with her family and friends because maybe someday the work will go away but the memories she made through life with her family and friends will last forever.


Greta graduated from the prestigious “Xavier High School” in Appleton (1972) and “University of Wisconsin” (1976) where she decided to study Geography and economics.

She always liked laws as well, so she decided to study in “Georgetown University Law Center” (1979).


She worked as a CNN legal analyst during the coverage of “Simpson Murder Trial” so there she could combine what she liked the most, journalism and laws. After seeing her working with such passion, CNN decided to hire her and she became a CNN’s co-host in some of their programs.

-2002- Fox News and CNN were fighting for having her as their host or journalist, both of them made really crazy bids to her but she decided to go with the best bid, which was the Fox News one. Since then she is the host of “On the Record w/Greta Van Susteren”.

-2012- Greta and her Husband gave money to create and school and orphanage in Haiti, and they named it “The Greta home and academy” in her honor.

She has interviewed great personalities such as President George Bush, Barack Obama, Billy Graham, Bill Clinton and more.

She has also traveled to many countries such as: Peru, Germany, Sudan, Israel, India, Korea, Pakistan, China and more.

Personal Life:

Van Susteren got married in 1988. Her husband is The Lawyer John P. Coale; Van Susteren and he are actual members of the Church of Scientology.

She was the co-owner of the restaurant called “The old mill inn” from August of 2006 until January of 2014, which was located in Mattituck, New York (United States)

She is actually living in Washington D.C. with her husband. They do not have children but they love them.

They always had the dream of having children but now they say they are too old, they considered the idea of adopting at some point of their lives but after a long process it was not possible.

She loves her work, she loves being busy and always active, but she also stated once that she loves her family and that without them she would not be the woman she is.

Net Worth:

She has a net worth of $35 million dollars and she has always had a good salary.

Last Modified: 25 Jul, 2016

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