Greg Gisoni happens to be a Nuclear services vice president and also the project director for the famed Westinghouse Energy Center. Greg is at the moment working for the Westinghouse Electric Company. Greg happens to be from a family which is of an Italian American ethnicity. Greg was raised in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Greg happens to be from an Italian American heritage family. Greg was raised and also born the United States of America. His wanted to be a successful businessman ever since he was a very young child.

Greg is currently married and his second wife has two children by her previous marriage. Greg loves his step children like they were his own. He has two children from his current wife. Greg is rumored to be a hardworking professional man and is said to be a trusted employee for his company. He has no alleged/reported extra marital affairs. Rumors of Greg being in an illegitimate relationship have been declared all false. He loves to spend a major chunk of his time with his family.

Greg’s wife starred in a series called Dance mom. She happens to have two children from her previous marriage to husband Kurt. She has two step children with Greg who is her current husband.

Mike is the son of Greg Gisoni and brother to Michele. Not much is known about Mike expect for the fact that he happens to have a big family and enjoys being with them. Michelle happens to be the only daughter to her father Greg. Michelle is 27 years of age. Not much is known about Gisioni family expect for the fact that that it is big and rich.


Greg has over 34 years of experience in the field of nuclear engineering and around some 19 years of experience being an engineering manager. He completed his graduation from the University of Pittsburgh.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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