Graham Wardle is a well-known actor of Canadian origin but, besides the actor, he is a producer and a photographer. He has played very important roles and has become famous with a film he made in 2009.

Personal Life

Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor but in terms of ethnicity he is mixed. He was born in 1986, 6th September. He came to life by two normal parents and had a normal month kidney. His parents saw his talent and gave him much courage to go ahead. It is the Virgin's sign, has dark facial features , brown hair while the eyes are blue, is about 1.65 m.

Graham Wardle comes from a family of half ethnic English, half Italian. Wardle is also a very dedicated person in the family. He is married to his girlfriend who has been with Allison Wardle for years, and has crowned their marriage in 2015. He is a very dedicated person work and tries to give the best. What's worth mentioning is that the actor is also very secretive because he does not tell anything about his own personal life and also does not have divorce records, so everything seems to be going well.


Graham Wardle has had a very long and successful career. In 2007 he took part in a film titled "In the Land of the Women", and in 2009 he was selected to play another movie titled Heartland and also was proposed to win the LEO prize. Graham also participated in a horror film titled Rob Grant but besides this film he has played other roles in other well-known films such as Mon Ami, Supernatural, Syfy Channel and in 2013, he has taken part in the movie titled 31 days of Halloween.

In addition to acting, Wardle is also a producer. Wardle has created several films and in 2012 he has launched the film The Vessel and Capilano Alumni. Wardle is also a photographer and writer and of course he has been very successful. The actor is also preparing to take part in a film titled “Cold Lights” where the actor has a very important role.

Graham as we said started his career in 2007 and he played a major role in the series HEARTLAND a serial created by CBC and played on all the series. In 2013, Graham started playing in the movie "Lone Maverick" who wanted the actor to take part in Cold Lights. He also has social networks and is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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