Graham Patrick was born in the year 1991. He is American television and film actor. He is known to have the recurring role in the Two and a half Men, as Eldridge. He was a teen hustler for The Closer with the spin-off series. He was also in The Bill Engvall Show, where she was the eldest son. He also appeared in Rising Stars and The Girl Next Door of Jack Ketchum. Graham Patrick went to Fiorello H LaGuardia High school found in New York City.

When asked how he describes himself, he said that he was born in New York, was raised in New Orleans and lived in the city of Los Angeles. He was asked why he got interested in acting; he said that it was because of her older sister who got interested in acting first. Together with his brother and his sister, went to French Woods, an arts summer camp.

While attending the camp, he was more interested in horseback riding or water sports, but in the end, he auditioned for the first play there. At the time, he was only eight years and he became a cast for The King and I musicals. He was doing up to 3 musicals in the summer with French Woods up to the time he turned 15. Another person who influenced him is Leonardo Dicaprio. When he watched Titanic, he said that he wanted to be like him.

From his biography, Graham Patrick is not yet married and has no divorce. He had been in some relationships such as with Actress Jenette McCurdy which started in the year 2004 but ended in the year 2008. After this, she started to date Ginny Gardener in 2010s and the couple is together up to now and they are still happy together.

Graham Patrick Martin started the acting career in the year 2006. It was playing in the role of Benjamin Price for the Law & Order: Criminal Intent of 2006. The year that followed, he appeared as Willie Chandler Jr, it was in the movie called The Girl Next Door. He had the first breakthrough role with Trent Pearson. It was in the series called the Bill Engvall show. He had also a role in the iCarly and then in Jonas. He was in Rising Stars movie.

Graham Patrick had a role in Good Luck Charlie of the year 2011. After this, he did appear like Rusty Beck for the Closer and then he reprised his role in the Major Crimes, The Closer spin-off. After that, he was appearing like the main cast in two series. He had minor roles with The Anna Nicole Story, and then in Impastor. He is a good actor, but how much he makes as his salary or his net worth is yet to be revealed to the public.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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